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  • sputum weight results are shown in Table 2. No PFT parameters were significantly changed at 4 h after CPT or PTHF, although there was a trend to decreasing RV after both therapies. There was a trend for more sputum production after PTHF compared to CPT, but this did not reach statistical Table 1—Demographics, Shwachman Score, and.
  • Sputum collection. Sputum samples were collected through induced cough with expectoration into a sterile plastic container. All collection procedures were supervised by the researchers. Some patients failed to present any secretion samples. Respiratory mucus was visually separated from saliva and divided into 3 by:
  • Jul 01,  · The aim of sputum induction is to collect an adequate sample of secretions from lower airways in subjects who do not produce sputum spontaneously in order to study the features of airway inflammation in asthma and other respiratory disorders. Inhalation of isotonic or hypertonic solutions administered by nebulisation has been demonstrated to induce a small .
  • Oct 01,  · Expectorated wet sputum weight is an accepted, simple, noninvasive short-term clinical outcome measure of airway clearance. 17 Dry sputum weight is considered a more accurate assessment of sputum weight than wet sputum weight because saliva, in varying quantities, can dilute the expectorated sputum. 18,19 To evaluate the effectiveness of airway Cited by: 1.
  • Sputum induction. Sputum induction is sometimes used in children when sputa cannot be spontaneously expectorated, and only in order to perform cultures or Xpert MTB/RIF. Sputum induction must be performed under close medical supervision. The child should be observed for respiratory distress during, and for 15 minutes after, the procedure.
  • Jun 07,  · sputum sample (non- acceptable sputum sample). The final score of 1 and above was considered to accept sputum sample. Results and Discussion Based on Bartlett’s screening criteria, out of sputum samples processed, (%) were acceptable and 66 (%) were non-acceptable (Table 1). Potential.
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  • Feb 26,  · Overview. A pulmonary ventilation/perfusion (or VQ) scan is a series of two lung scans. The scans are either performed together or one .